Check out BOHD’s book

Dude, it’s Lady Chatterley’s Pool Boy, BOHD’s collection of short stories spanning two decades and 274 pages.

Check out these accolades, every one totally made up by the author:

“Brooks is either a genius or insane … if only such a distillation could be had.”
-The Crapdale Biweekly Shopper

“Man, is this stuff somethin’ or what? Well, I guess what.”
- The East Central Upper Midwest Journal of Phlogiston

 “If you tried to put a basket over this man’s light it might, after a day or two, smolder.”
- Journal of Non-Euclidian Imaginary Numbers

Lady Chatterley’s Pool Boy is $12.50, and that includes domestic shipping. International orders please inquire. Pay by PayPal – you do not need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.

You Newtonians can order by sending a check or money order for $12.50, made out to Fairleigh Brooks, to:


7811 Circle Crest Rd.

Louisville KY 40241

For all you total non-Newtonians, another collection, A Presentation of Short Stories Without Regard to Marketing, is available on Kindle. Simply go to and enter my name in the search field.

Best of all, I am available to write content for you. I can be reached through the contact page. And I really promise that I will not ever write for you a sentence that is like the one that you are now looking at.





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